Design Build

Design Build


Genuario Construction Co., Inc. has been in the residential remodeling business in the Northern Virginia area for the past 35 years. We have developed our custom design/build program to help you “build your dream.” Our design/build program was developed to involve the client in all phases of their project and to have one source of accountability for all of our clients.

How our design/build programs benefit our clients:

  • Our team approach creates a strong working relationship between our client and the contractor. Right from the beginning, the contractor, architect and client work together to review requirements and goals and to obtain a thorough understanding of the client’s budget. We have found that clear and constructive communication sets the tone for each project.
  • We insist upon cost-effective, quality construction. Each project is “Value Engineered” and includes quality products, conventional building systems and efficient construction techniques. This attention to detail contributes to the thoughtful cost control of the project.
  • The client is fully involved in all design and construction phases. Our program offers several phases whereby the homeowner can elect to proceed to the next phase after approving the previous phase or can elect to stop the design process. This ability protects the homeowner from being committed to high design fees commonly associated with architectural services that do not include the benefit of a contractor review and budgeting.

Program Phases:

The Preliminary Phase allows homeowners to explore the feasibility of their remodeling plan without paying costly architectural design fees. The Preliminary Phase includes the preparation of several schemes, including schematic sketches and budgeting pricing for each scheme.

Once the homeowner chooses their desired scheme and corresponding budget, The Design/ Development Phase refines the preliminary phase sketches into plans, prepares project specifications and provides the homeowner with a construction proposal.

The Construction Phase completes the Design/Development Phase drawings with sufficient detail to obtain building permits and builds the project.

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